Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Academy of Inquiry Based Learning

The AIBL website is a hub for resources on Inquiry Based Learning in mathematics. AIBL President Stan Yoshinobu writes the IBL Blog to push out useful information for the IBL community. Yoshinobu says: "we offer NSF-funded IBL Workshops in the summer (for the next four years). We are working to confirm dates for summer 2017, when we will have three workshops in different locations."

Brian Katz says "This website contains resources for instructors who are running active-learning classrooms, including course materials for instructors, student testimonials about their experiences, opportunities for professional development, and connections to a community of peers doing similar work."

You can also join the AIBL Facebook group. Katz says "This Facebook group can help you connect with other instructors doing similar work. The group gets posts about resources for instructors, suggestions for classroom materials, and brain-storming techniques for addressing teaching challenges."

Below are some photos from the AIBL Workshops from 2014 and 2015, respectively (courtesy of Stan Yoshinobu).