Thursday, October 27, 2016

MAA Books for Active Learning

Some people like to write their own notes for their active learning classroom. However, many resources that we've already shared on this blog, like the Art of Mathematics and the Journal of Inquiry Based Learning, provide great textbooks and resources you can use. The MAA also has several books that are useful for an Active Learning Approach.

Number Theory Through Inquiry”, by David Marshall, Edward Odell, and Michael Starbird

Distilling Ideas: An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking  by Michael Starbird and Brian Katz

Exploratory Examples for Real Analysis”, Joanne E. Snow & Kirk E. Weller

Explorations in Complex Analysis”, Michael Brillslyper, Michael J. Dorff, Jane M. McDougal, James S. Rolf, Lisbeth E. Schaubroeck, Richard L. Stankewitz, & Kenneth Stephenson

“A TeXas-style introduction to proof”, by Patrick Rault and Ron Taylor.

Coming soon. Preliminary copies available through the authors.