Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Discovering the Art of Mathematics - Textbooks

Active learning requires that students be provided with challenging, engaging, open, meaningful mathematical tasks. Traditional textbooks are not often organized around such active, student-centered investigations.

The Library at Discovering the Art of Mathematics is a collection of 11 freely available texts developed as inquiry-based alternatives to traditional textbooks.  The primary audience of these texts are mathematical for liberal arts students.  Each of the themed texts is built around deep mathematical topics and provides inquiry-based materials which can be used as content for a semester-long course.
More generally, the volumes in this library provide materials that enables teachers to experiment with inquiry-based learning in their classrooms.  Chapters and sections of the texts can be used as supplements, replacement units or enrichment opportunities suitable not only for college classrooms but in high schools and math circles.
All materials in the library can be copied and freely distributed for educational purposes.

Volumes in the library are:  Geometry, Games & Puzzles, Music, Knot Theory, Calculus, Proof, Dance, Patterns, Infinities, Number Theory and Art & Sculpture.

(Shared by Volker Ecke.)