Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Discovering the Art of Mathematics

"Our experience and expertise with the pedagogy of Inquiry-Based Learning extends across the full K-16 spectrum of mathematicslearning. We all routinely teach the full range of college-level mathematics courses using inquiry with strong success: lower-level undergraduate mathematics courses including Calculus I-III, upper-level math major courses focusing on proofs, and content courses for future elementary and secondary teachers. We also work with K-12 teachers in bringing IBL techniques into their classrooms.

In our experience, support in the following dimensions can support faculty wishing to shift from traditional to active learning approaches:  providing them with challenging, meaningful, engaging investigations and an extended set of pedagogical practices, giving them personal insight into the student experience in an active learning classroom, and opportunities to explore, analyze, develop, and practice their own way of facilitating this new ecosystem of learning. A community of reflective colleagues will be invaluable for sustaining deep and lasting change." - Volker Ecke

The website for "Discovering the Art of Mathematics", has all of these resources. Among them:
- Textbooks.
- Teacher books and faculty login.
- Faculty Workshops.
- Videos of IBL in action.
- Newsletter & blog.